Plastic Fetish

It really is insane, don’t you think?

During any of my shopping, but during the weekly run to the supermarket in particular, I pay lots of attention to keep plastic to a minimum: I don’t plastic bag my shopping at the checkout, but use re-usable crates in my car instead. I don’t bag every piece of fruit or vegetable but am quite happy to buy 5 loose onions and 8 loose bulbs or garlic without a plastic bag each, etc.

I carry a wicker basket to the local shops and market, and I always get comments like "oh we used to have one of those, too."

Even though I believe that the amount of plastic that I carry home, and consequently throw away, is little compared to many other people, I am still quite shocked by the amounts.

As reported by the Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology‘s report on Household Waste (Postnote 252), plastic bags alone make only 1% of U.K. household waste by weight, but 20% of total household waste. I am not surprised about these figures when I watch people at the supermarket checkout. Something must change.

I suggest we all try starting with ourselves, using less and less plastic and recycling more and more of it by simple domestic re-use, or by finding one of the rare plastic recycling collection points.

It’s just insane. It really is.



Modern Building
Here’s a reading recommendation of a different kind: read POST. POST is the Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology. POST provides detailed analysis on all kinds of subjects scientific and technological, and provides a number of short, and freely available POST Notes.

Each note is a 4 page primer on an issue anyone, including members of parliament who aren’t experts in subject matter or who slept through related briefings, should have some background knowledge of.

Topics covered are diverse and range from binge drinking and public health to issues regarding the UK plutonium stockpile, the national DNA database or recycling of household waste. I find they are very well written, concise, and informative.

The Parliament does actually work for you. It is up to you to use it.