Strelitzia Reginae

After years of waiting, caring, sometimes neglecting but always hoping, we are overjoyed to announce the first flower of our indoors strelitzia reginae.

It truly is the most amazing flower.

Russian Vine

russianvineA recent visit to the family bathroom brought my attention to our Russian Vine. Guessing that it has nothing to do with Russia or wine, I looked it up. Wikipedia says it is called Fallopia baldschuanica, a member of the knotweed family.

Our particular one has been wish us for a very long time, well over 20 years for sure. It never had an easy life, too dry at times and too wet at others, rarely given plant feed or a new pot. Just look at it. It’s alive with abundance.

What a trooper.


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Life is Everywhere

LifeIsEverywhere Life is Everywhere – emerging from a hydrant sign in West Ealing, as shown on this photo here.

It humbles me to think that life will go on, undisturbed or even less disturbed, long after we are all gone.


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