Makeover in Green

droplet The Mayor of London is a poor man, who –basically- can’t maintain all parks and public spaces as well as they should. So, with limited budget, they run a public opinion poll of sorts, where Londoners could vote for their park.

The top ten parks will get funding for a makeover, and the results are now out.

Nice to see one of our local parks, Brent River Park (aka Bunny Park) is among the winners. The small animal centre and “litter management” are among the six objectives, and rightly so.

Also nice to see that Crane Valley Park also made it to the last ten; I had always thought of Crane Valley Park as Rapists’ Park. No wonder the Crane Valley park objectives include an increase to staff presence to help people feel safe.

Well done, but once Boris and others start beating their chest about this, remember that it means that the many other public parks and spaces simply won’t get the attention they need.

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