A Present For You And Me

DSC_0325Almost every evening, I make myself a large pot of tea. Lemon Verbana mostly, and sometimes peppermint. I put the kettle on while still preparing the evening meal, and prepare the pot with a good helping of herbal leaf tea. I’m talking real herbal leaf tea of course, not dust in tea bags. Anyway:

After finishing my supper, I pour myself a mug and settle down in the comfy chair. Unless it is in the dishwasher, I always use the same mug, and I always remember and think of the person who gave this particular mug as a gift.

I’ve lost contact with this friend many years ago, but think of her every evening, isn’t that great?


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Unfolding Algorithms

eleganceCat I am sure we have all recently practised the wrapping and unwrapping or presents, but did you also notice the unfolding and folding of professional packaging?

When I unpacked a present of six brandy glasses from their manufacturer’s cardboard box, I had to marvel at this astonishing piece of engineering. A multi-layer and multi-folded cardboard box, which came apart and flat (ready for the recycling bin) after some fiddling without any glue, clips or tape at all.

I have no idea how to engineer those industrial Origami wonders, but some are so brilliant, they make unpacking almost more fascinating than the unwrapping.

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