The Thick and The Thin Of It

DSC_0634I am not a strong and dedicated follower of fashion, so I usually wear one of two old T-shirts when exercising in the gym. I admit both are a little worn out and faded by now, but are still whole and perfectly serviceable, the fabric still strong and thick enough to soak up my sweat. I received one as a gift in 1998 (back in the good old days when we still got little morale-boosting thank-you presents from the company every once in a while). I already owned the other one before we moved to England, so it dates back to 1996 or earlier.

When I buy T-shirts these days, I usually buy quality from Land’s End, Columbia, The North Face or other brands of high repute. Or at least I think I am buying quality, and judging by the price paid, you’d certainly expect top-notch stuff. I may very well obtain the best quality T-shirt available these days, but I can’t imagine any of the shirts bought in the last ten years to last 15 years and more.

Ah, the good old days.


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