This Week, I’ve Been Mostly Eating…

DSC_0644Let me present some of the highlights of the meals enjoyed on Rarotonga:

Ika Mata, a salad from raw fish (wahoo), dressed with coconut, lime and chillies (shown on the left). A delicious but delicate balance of sweetness from the coconut, sharpness from the lime and heat from the chillies.

Yellowfin tuna (‘Ahi’ tuna), sashimi-style (raw, with a splash of soy sauce and wasabi), seared on the outside but raw on the inside, using the BBQ or a buttered pan, and enjoyed with lime mayonnaise, salad and bread, or enjoyed in several variations of sandwiches at Captain Moko’s Fishing Charters. If you like to eat your fish on terra firma, there is no way you could ever have Yellowfin Tuna any fresher, any more delicious, any where.

Mahi-mahi, as part of sandwiches at Captain Moko’s Fishing Charters. Sadly, we were unable to buy unprepared Mahi-mahi to try our luck cooking it ourselves. Maybe we should have gone out in a boat and caught our own, but the sea outside the reef was, hmmm, lively… Next time.

The most note-worthy non-fish meal was a bargain purchase at the supermarket: a deep-frozen pack labelled “Goat Carcass, $12.95.” It held what the label said: one nice slice of leg, a generous loin chop, and various less identifiable bits (including, I think, a piece of neck and one piece of belly), some with severe frostbite. We seared the nicer parts (leg steak, loin chop) on the BBQ and enjoyed them with salad and bread – very nice.

The other goat pieces went into a simple stew, enjoyed by Bailey, the elderly and very grateful dog at our residence, and the raw cut-offs were enjoyed by the cat. Oh, and left-over bread went to the free-roaming chickens, and all remaining food scraps was collected for the pigs.

Let it not be said that we only looked after ourselves!

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DSC_040716 days, many Airmiles and many a bruise in the bum later, after several in-flight meals of questionable quality and several movies we wouldn’t have watched otherwise, we’re back from Rarotonga.

Fotos are now online and available right here:

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