Breaking news: A 5.6 quake hit the San Jose area at 8 pm on October 30th: Not enough to be scared or do any harm, but certainly enough to be noticed while I was in my room packing.


Back to Ye Olde Country tomorrow.

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Last Orders!

DonGiovanniDrinks Funny how the UK is about to lift some restrictions on the pub hours, while others introduce them: In San Jose, California, the town decided to introduce a “soft closing experiment” (to be reviewed after 90 days).

The essence is that pubs, bars and clubs are allowed to stay open one more hour, but not allowed to serve alcoholic beverages during that time.

So, it’s Last Orders for night dwellers in San Jose, although their bell rings at 1.30AM.

According to this article by the San Jose Mercury News, however, it’s not drinking-up time for the people of San Jose: It’s sobering-up time: Officials hope the extended hours will allow people to sober up before getting in their cars.

Amazing what an hour can do if you are a politician.

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OOTO (again)


W7 is out of his mind, out of the office, out of town, and out of the country – again. This time, I am enjoying the questionable delights of a cold spell in San Jose, the heart of Silicon Valley.

I do not expect to find time for blogging; regular posting shall resume on February 5th. Until then, take care of yourselves and enjoy the archives.

Odd Number

What an odd number is that? A speed restriction to 17 mph? What’s wrong with 15 or 20?

Given the queer number I would normally assume this must be in Britain, but if you look closely you might be able to recognise it as genuine American.

Santana Row
, San Jose, California. At 17 miles per hour.