Hallelujah, Krutzitürken and Sakrament!

stmichelWelcome back, everyone. You couldn’t hear me shout expletives when I discovered this site, and its siblings, hacked a few days ago. I was quiet in frustration and disbelief.

After several hours of work, all sites are up again, clean as far as I can tell, more secure than ever, and closely monitored. I am especially pleased that I managed to recover all (or most) articles and comments on this blog. Some funny characters such as German umlauts or typographic quotes are lost and may show through other funny characters – I am working on these, but rely on your good imagination to understand that Leberkn¶del probably means Leberknödel.

The hack redirected the site to a (seemingly Russian) malware site.

I do not understand the motivation behind the attack, and have not seen any damage caused on any computer visiting the site. However, as a general precaution, it’s always good to consider taking these steps:

  • Run a full system virus scan on your computer (may be an overnight job),
  • Change your passwords (and try not to make them all the same),
  • Clear your web browser’s cache (sometimes also called the browsing history).

While I do no know how the attack was possible, common sense, a close inspection and plenty of Google search gave a number of good suggestions. All feasible ones are now in place and should make this site safe from future attacks (and I will be more diligent with backups…).

Let’s hope for the best and move on.

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fireworksI have been under severe pressure from asked repeatedly by this blog’s large fan-base the good wife to revive this blog, ever since it came to a halt back last September.

I will surrender.

There’s just too much to scream about when reading or watching the news every day, and with the elections for the Major of London coming… A man needs to vent off somewhere, and what better place than a blog, where my own silly thoughts can be expressed freely, and the world is free to ignore them?

Besides, the good wife makes far too many good photographs for them to hide away on a hard drive in the cupboard somewhere.

Recent experiments with Google+ show that it is no viable alternative. It’s interesting and I encourage anyone to try it out (ask me for an invite if you need one), but it is not the right way forward as a blog replacement tool: Too little control over format, design and content, and no easy access for non-contributing visitors who do not wish to deal with the overhead of managing circles and sharing options. Strikes me that a blog is a blog, and a social networking site is a social networking site.

So, I shall continue posting for the foreseeable future, with one change: Regular posts will only appear Monday, Wednesday and Friday, in order to keep my blog-posting stress levels at bay. Irregular posts may appear at any odd time.

So, welcome back. I had heard more people commenting, in person, about the termination of this blog than I knew were reading it while it was alive. Now that it is back alive, here’s your chance to help keep it going. Simply leave a comment every once in a while.

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Terminal Station

myself This is it, folks. You have reached the end of this blog.

I guess most of you saw if coming, just like a tube train slowing down to snail pace as it approaches its terminal station. As this blog comes to a halt, it’s time for you and me to go on and focus on more important matters.

Thanks for all the comments, in person and on line, and thanks for encouragement and support. After 1218 non-spam comments on 1030 posts in little over five years, it is now high time to move on and stop feeling guilty about not having posted a new article in three whole days.

Dear Diary

Dear Diary Oops, that was a lazy week last week, when I managed nothing but a single post. I’ll offer my sincere apologies, but no regrets. The last week was most busy due to work demands and parental visitation, so I simply had no time, and no space in my little head, left for blogging.

And the little time that was left, I spent finishing those books that I mentioned last week. All ends with the not all too surprising discovery that the sequels, which I am reading right now, just can’t keep up, and descent into a romantic fantasy novel.

Welcome back.


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