A Very Classic Weekend

DSC_0271I watched the first episode of Simon Schama’s two-part Shakespeare last Friday, and found it very well made, explaining Shakespeare’s role in his own time, and his relevance to ours, 450 years afterwards. Interspersed with mock  historic recordings and powerful modern renditions of noteworthy snippets from the bard’s plays, Simon’s tale spans a bridge from Elizabethan times all the way to the 2011 riots in England. Brilliantly done.

I enjoyed this so much that I watched the Royal Shakespeare Company’s Hamlet with David Tennant, Patrick Steward (and others) again, something I meant to do for a while. Simon’s TV programme brought me just into the right mood for that, and I enjoyed it on Saturday night.

Finally, the BBC closed the weekend on Sunday night with Julius Caesar, a televised version of another Royal Shakespeare Company production, set in present-day Africa. A brilliant production which tells the tale of Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar as well as that of many present day African states and their state of civil war.

I rounded it up as a truly classic weekend with a classic meal on Saturday evening. Grass widower that I am, this can only mean one thing: a nice, organic and well hung Sirloin steak, gently fried to medium-rare in rosemary-infused olive oil, served with Sauce Béarnaise and chip potatoes (though without green beans on this occasion). I even made myself a little Crème Brule for pudding, how’s that for a classic meal?

Not sure if the good wife would have liked the Shakespearean marathon, but the meal would have certainly met with her approval.


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