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During our recent trip to Stockholm, we escaped the rain and visited the Nordisk Museet, the museum or Northern Life. After admiring the lovely patterns of traditional weaving and knitting, we came across a section showing development of interior design in modern times.

Unlike the 50s, the 70s’ living room, as it was pointed out on the sign, no longer featured the television set as the primary feature.

Seems to me we are making a step back these years, with an increasing number of people overspending on oversized flat screen displays. I can’t wait for technology to produce a truly unintrusive yet brilliant display.

Maybe I will simply turn the entire wall into a huge display, showing a photo of chip-wood wallpaper and oil paintings most of the time.

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Lovely Stockholm

stockholm Been to Stockholm over the weekend, and –as anticipated– missed the only nice weather weekend in London in exchange for almost constant drizzle and rain along the Baltic.

We did have a lovely time, though, and enjoyed several museums (Moderna Museet, Nordisk Museet, and of course the Vasa Museet), herring and beer, and even managed to have a stroll or two around the old town without getting too wet.

British Airways returned us back home in under two hours delay, so all in all, a success.

Need to go back in fine weather, though. Should be lovely in sun shine, although we were spared from all mosquitos thanks to the chilly drizzle. There’s something good in everything!

The Voice of Reason


(Belated due to the H4P1 pause and other issues…)

He failed to apply his trademark style of offending lack of diplomacy and seemingly careless choice of words this time, but once again, his is the voice of reason. A long last, someone speaks up against Patio Heaters.

Ken says "We need to call a halt towards this trend for wasting energy in this way. I hope garden centres and other retail outlets will reconsider the promotion of these patio heaters." (BBC report here)

These things always seemed outrageously insane to me, blowing heat from gas burners into the great outdoors while enjoying a drink in the reflected warmth and discussing concerns about global warming.

My mother told me that the Kaffeehaus Fridericus (no homepage?) in my home town of Neustadt had found a very German, pragmatic and environment friendly solution to the problem of outdoor seating during the chilly season: They provided each outdoors seat with a fleece blanket, so you could curl up, wrap warm, enjoy an overpriced Latte and discuss concerns about global warming with a clear conscience.

Having just returned from the equally environment-aware Stockholm, I can report blankets on chairs there, too (although we also spotted patio heaters).

Very good!

Advance Warning

StockholmStimulated by friends, we went on line and spent some air miles for a short break in Stockholm in early June. I’m sure we’ll be spending much more than just a few air miles, but heck. Advertising works!

Any recommendations for Stockholm?