Swan Quadriptychon

Swan_familyFollowing the swan double bill with Swan Lake and Lost and Found, I am thinking of making two more. The four together could form a quadriptychon, replacing the triptychon above our sofa (consisting of Dagmar, Myself at the Sound Barrier, and Don Giovanni).

I can think of Flower Power maybe (with a girdle of daisies), a Trumpeter Swan with the beak tied shut with a ribbon, or a Black Swan maybe. Or maybe a forgetful swan (with a knot in its neck), or an upside-down one (during the Upping)… ?

I am open to suggestions.

Lost and Found

Lost and Found (detail)

As soon as I had finished Swan Lake, I knew what I should have done in the first place. This is a common experience, probably through all aspects of life, but for once, I actually returned to the canvas and painted a little companion swan.

I call it Lost and Found, and hope you like this one, too.

Lost and Found.
Oil on canvas, 300x500mm. Medium: turpentine and dammar.

Click here or the little picture to unveil the complete painting.

Swan Lake


I am very happy, very happy indeed, to report the completion of a new painting.  With recent professional workload and sculpturing experiments, and with the rather large ongoing painting project (a pretty small detail of the Zambezi river on a pretty large canvas), it seems extra rewarding to manage to start and complete a painting within a day.

I call it Swan Lake. It’s a bit of a banal subject, but makes for a nice painting nevertheless. I hope you like it.

Swan Lake.
Oil on canvas, 300×500 mm. Medium: turpentine w. dammar.

Click here or on the little picture to unveil the complete painting.