Image Prohibited

img-prohibitedWe went to the Tate Britain’s current exhibition of British Folk Art.  I could have told you how we liked it, and that we thought it was, while quite a small exhibition, still well worth going. I could have told you how we generally like Tate Britain’s permanent and special exhibitions, and we could have accompanied these words with a nice little smartphone shot of one of the exhibits, just good enough to make you want to go and see for yourself.

It’s just too annoying that they don’t allow photography. No flash photography – fine. No professional photography – fine. No commercial use of photos taken, no tripods within the exhibition, no extra lighting – all fine. But a little handheld pocket digital camera or a smartphone snapping away for personal memories or sharing (and advertising) on social media?

No, no photography whatsoever.

As if they own the place, or the exhibits.

How Very Interesting… (And Pass the Sherry, Dear)

Tate Modern
I am very happy to boast that I am now a member of the Tate. Not only will I have free access to all exhibitions, and thus hopefully be prompted to actually go and have a look, but I will also have access to the Member Rooms, where a drink can be had in good views of St. Paul’s Cathedral.

I shall thus slurp my Sherry, tilt the head ever so slightly, sharpen my lips and declare How Very Interesting this is.

Joke aside, I have often considered taking out a membership there. The wife has now made that decision for me; praise and thanks to her!

We shall go and see the Rousseau exhibition shortly. I somehow doubt that we will make it to Sarah Lucas or Turner’s Seascapes in Tate Liverpool, but I am all enthused for now.

Oh, and a Happy New Year to everyone.