Just The Way I Like My Taxes

DSC_0181The government plans to send a letter to each taxpayer, containing a breakdown how the money is spent. For example, a £25,000 income, before taxes, may produce £5,702.12 in taxes. According to The Independent, this breaks down as follows:

Welfare £1,901 33.3%
Health £993 17.4%
Education £743 13%
Debt £363 6.4
Defence £329 5.8%
Infrastructure, agriculture and industry £329 5.8%
Public order £284 5%
Other £227 4%
Government administration £125 2.2%
Housing £113 2%
Recreation, religion and culture £113 2%
Environment £96 1.7%
Overseas aid £57 1%
European Union £28 0.5%

The next step seems clear to me:

Dear Taxman, I shall write, at your earliest convenience, please split my funds and any future donations as follows until further notice, followed by my own fund split. Obviously, I’ll drastically cut the defence budget to boost investment in the environment , education and dept repayment. The 4% “other” will need a closer look, and more money needs to go into health and education in order to reduce future expense on welfare, and so on.

Obviously, your fund split will be different from mine, and I can’t help wondering: just like Wikipedia converges to truth by reflecting many voices, maybe our collective decision how to spent our own money would lead to a smarter way, and happier citizens.

Democratic taxes for everyone!


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Wimbledon, All Around Me

jersey I find it very nice to see how the big sports events inspire the kids. During and (now) after Wimbledon, I notice many more than usual kids playing tennis in the streets in the evening. When I cycled past a pretty large public tennis place, it was also full.

How nice, and the perfect proof that public sports events should not be allowed to sell their TV rights to private channels that require an extra pay-TV subscription. It’s just not right, not as long as the same event takes a lot of taxpayer’s money for provision of public transport, security and emergency services and, well, license-fee funded public media for advertising and promoting.

It’s one, or the other.

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Ending a Week

Drive SlowlyReaching the end of a week is always a good thing, but this week in particular ended much better than it started, so I am mighty pleased with it.

Highlights include:

· Good progress with some long-standing difficult (technical) problems at work. Work can be such a pain!

· A letter from the taxman, tentatively approving my tax declaration, hurray! I was almost certain that they wouldn’t quite agree with my calculations, but they did, to the penny. Maybe they gave up understanding my multi-page argument half way through, or maybe it wasn’t too far off the mark. In any case, I am pleased with the outcome, as it means not being hit by some unexpected additional payment.

· Started reading Mark Twain again (The Bible according to Mark Twain, and his Speeches). What a joy! Must find more time for more reading.

P.S. Fascinating to see how Zemanta struggles with this post. Easy to understand since there is no single distinct subject, but I find it fascinating to see how their engine also becomes unsure of itself. All it can do is cling to Mark Twain. Excellent!

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