Dark Thoughts

DSC_0221Of course, I knew it was coming. I saw it coming all along, little by little, day by day. Today, however, was the first day I had to get out of bed in pitch black darkness. Not a bright and beautiful morning, not a silvery morning, not even a decent shade of grey. Just black.

Maybe the streetlight round the corner is broken, too, but I find it all pretty depressing.

It won’t be long until the heating comes on, beginning with a small bathroom boost in the early morning and, little by little, winter creeps upon us.


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I’m a Free Man

tracesI’m a free man!

As some of you know, I quit my studies of mathematics with the Open University. It was just too much. Work is pretty stressful and time-demanding these days, and has to be my priority. Spending every spare minute morning, evening and weekend studying rather than relaxing and re-charging my batteries turned out to be unhealthy on all accounts, so I pulled the emergency breaks and quit. T’is a shame, but since I study for my own pleasure, and find studying right now not a pleasure, I think I can justify the decision.

It certainly feels like I pulled the stopper out from somewhere else. Since quitting the course, I built a crafts table and my head is full with creative ideas in all forms: sculpture projects, painting and drawing projects, computer art projects, even fun programming projects. I even got some of my filing done, how’s that?

Seems like it was time to quit. All I need now is lots of more time to pursue all those interests. Too bad I can’t pull the emergency breaks and quit paid work, too.


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Bah Humbug

Detail from painting "Defiance" The same frustration as every year: we had just made it to a well-lit world at getting-up time. We’re now back to the age of darkness with a silver line, thin but hopeful, on the horizon.

I guess all I should have to do was to advance not only the clocks by one hour, but also to advance the alarm by one hour for two weeks. Creature of habit that I am, however, I force myself out of bed at 5:45, period. Stupid, innit?


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