Dear Mr. Waite and Rose

DSC_0016Increasingly, I find supermarkets push towards self-service checkouts by way of providing less and less normally operated tills. I assume my own surrender is not far away, even though I hate the idea.

I quite like 90 seconds of human interaction at the checkout. I quite like not having to master a machine when I do my shopping. First and foremost, however, I think they should make an effort to take my money.

Waitrose in particular generally prides itself of its human approach, so I find the rise of the machine in their stores particularly disturbing.

The consequence can only be to buy even less at the supermarkets. Here in London’s suburbia, little actually requires a visit to a self-service equipped supermarket, and little can be found there (least of all at Waitrose) at a price lower than the local independent and small chain stores.

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Berliner Wiener

2011-12-02 12.05.04Bavarian Frankfurters, now available at Waitrose, complete with the Lederhosen-guys and the Blasmusik at the top of the label.

No joke, but funny.

My Prayers

DSCF0512 Someone must have heard my prayers.

Waitrose now stocks Sharpham Park’s Organic Spelt Flour, stoneground and refined.


Given that I use only 30% spelt (the rest is 5% buckwheat, and the remainder from wheat), I can even swallow the exorbitant price.  Only just, so the search for a reasonably priced refined spelt flour continues. At least I’ve got an interim solution now.



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